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-Where nature meets culture-

In the centre of Northern Norway, where sea meets mountain, you will find Tromso Friluftsenter.

In beautiful surroundings we will introduce you to the Sami and Norwegian culture, while the bonfire is warming you in our Sami lavvu.

Let us take you back in time to experience how the native Sami people travelled years ago by reindeer and sleigh, and be seduced by these beautiful animals while they’re eating from your hand.

If you are chasing the Northern lights, you can do as Johanna Lumley did, lay down on the reindeer skins and search for the northern lights while the stars are sparkling over the sky. Our location is of such that we experience total darkness, and also the best surroundings and chances to see the Northern Lights—Aurora Borealis.

The beautiful northern lights!

If you wish to visit us during the summertime, we will take you out on a spectacular journey in the RIB, where we can guarantee that you will feel alive while the wind is blowing through your hair, and the fresh air fills up your lungs.

And it doesn’t stop there.. If you wish to combine some of our activities, we will offer you a tailor made solution that fits both private arrangements, as well as business meetings, teambuilding, holiday-events or conference.

It is you that sets the limits.

Dream on, while you keep on reading...

Take pictures with the northern lights as an amazing background.

Be sure to see the video from our whale safari, you can watch it at nordlys.no (external link). For other news articles and tv-appearences, you will find the links in our news section.

Video-journalist Guttorm Pedersen visited us a while ago, and made a story about his visit. Watch his video, and see how it's like to take a lavvu visit at our facilities:


Et lite stykke Sameland from Guttorm Pedersen on Vimeo.



Tromsø Friluftsenter AS, - Kvaløysletta—9100 Risvik.
Tlf: +47—907 51 583.
977 344 697 mva